India trains

OK 100 people just joined my tranquil train carriage so I am now
pressed up to the window with my kindle in my face. Well couch surfing
is a little different in India. For starters they are nearly all hotels
trying to get business with their restaurant or guide trips by providing
free couch surfing accommodation. This is not so bad but I really want
to be in the homes with the families to see how they live, not with
 young tourist hustling boys looking for relationships European girls. I
found that if I eat dinner at a cheap street stall it can result in me
being taken around on a motor bike tour around the lakes, up for a
game of pool with some students on a rooftop, under a temple in the
middle of the night with a bottle of beer and a guy paranoid that the
police are coming, or invited home to spend the night with
mother,grandmother and auntie insisting I eat another chapati. I
saw the lake side city of Udaipur with its palaces in the water and
then headed to Jaisalmer a fort on a mound in the desert with intricate
sandstone decorations all over the walls. I did a camel safari for 2
days in the dessert, stopping  at some Gypsy villages to be swarmed
with children using me as a jungle gym and trying to take my pants
off. The man next to me says the train is about to become more than
full up. I thought no more could fit. There is a man at my feet and boys above my head.
So I will send this message now.

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