The Mission

Hi all

During October and November I am travelling approximately 2000km on a hand powered tricycle around South India. Why?

To inspire donations required to supply poor and disabled people in India with a hand powered tricycles and wheel chairs.

During my journey I will be searching for at least 10 suitable recipients who will benefit from a hand powered tricycle.

The cycle I am using is designed by UK company Motivation, who is a partner in the project.

Price: $350.00 US including delivery, assessment, ongoing support and administrative costs
MEND has limited time reduced deal for $150.00 US

This project is under New Zealand Non Government Organisation "MEND"
( Mobility Equipment for the Needs of the disabled ).

I will complete a MEND patient form  with the disabled people I find so that MEND can follow up with further assessment, supply and ongoing help. MEND will locate further patients themselves and through local agencies.

Donations can be made to

Mend  Trust account
ANZ Bank

Make a note "India Trikes" to inform them which project to direct the funds to.

Please then email your postal address to
so they can send you a reciept

MEND has donee status at IRD so that all unlimited donations can receive a 33% tax rebate within New Zealand.

MEND is currently developing their own design of hand powered tricycle which they plan to manufacture and distribute shortly. It is a lower cost, smaller light weight model more suited to children. After recently graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was happy to be able to spend a few days in Kerala, India helping with a little of this development work before setting off on my tricycle journey.

Please tell you friends about the project, share it on Facebook etc to raise awareness and publicity.

Send an email to me at if you have any questions.
My progress and updates will be posted on this blog site.

Thanks for your support

Shasa Bolton