Allmost off


So I have prettymuch got the web site running, I have made a prototype frame, been offered a few donations and am now allmost ready to head off. I fly out to Europe on the 11th of May for a holiday, then start on the work in India in November. By then I am hoping that there should be enough donations collected to start making tricycles.


shasa bolton said...

This is a test comment by Shasa.If people can post their name and donation amount here it would be nice so that others can see it, as my chances to update the sponsors page will be intermitent.

Jim Hekker, New Zealand said...

Hi Shasa, I have made a link to your Blog on the MEND homepage,
Success with your project, Jim, webmaster

Steven said...

Great cause, great guy,
Here's your first bike :) $150.
Have an awesome time :D
Steven M

Mark Smith said...

Hi Shasa,

One trike in your funding account. Could you use a fine paintbrush and name the bike 'Ned' in memory of my late Dad. I think he would have liked the idea.

Michael Wilson said...

Hi Shasa,
Just donated $50 (better late than never). Other donations may occur depending on the quality of your mission report :)

Daniel said...

Totally agree with Steven. Hope this helps your cause, have an awesome time! Love the idea :)

Ray Umashankar said...

This is a very worthwhile cause.
Your chosen method to increase awareness and fundraising is very adventurous and is going to be challenging.

Your safety is of utmost importance.
Will you be taking major highways or roads through villages and towns? Hope you are not planning on riding after sunset- not very safe to do so.

I am originally from India, now living in the U.S. I have done a fair amount of cycling in India.
Will you be camping along the way or staying in local hostels/lodges?
Theft is a common problem so be very mindful of your surroundings.
I have made a contribution to support your cause.

Rose Pearson said...

Hey Shasa,
Here's another Trike!
Take care and let me know how its going : )

Marlese said...

Hey Shasa
Just donated $25 to your project. Sorry its not much.
Goodluck with it all


GB said...

Hi Shasa,
Great idea and hope it goes well for you. If you need any advise about tricycle design please contact me. I have many years of hands on experience designing and producing tricycles ( hand powered and power assisted) in India and Sri Lanka and would be happy to share that knowledge with you. Good luck.